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E-tickets actively replace traditional paper tickets. When buying an e-ticket you do not need a form - all information about your flight is stored electronically from the air carrier. When registering for a flight, you only need to provide your passport, to issue baggage and get a boarding pass.

What is the convenience of an e-ticket?

The main advantage of an e-ticket is that it can be purchased without leaving the computer: do not need to defend the queue in the air ticket office - it is enough to have access to the Internet. Being anywhere in the world, you can buy tickets of any airlines, and if you want, you can book a round-the-world trip by yourself.

To purchase a ticket on the online booking system website, you need to select the desired route and the most attractive rate, enter your passport details and make a payment.

Through the Internet you can buy a paper ticket, but to receive it you should go to the ticket office or book delivery to your home or office. In practice, a paper ticket is more expensive. Air carriers are interested in the fact that passengers are buying e-tickets. And when paying for paper tickets, in addition to the cost of the form you will have to pay additional fees for issuing a paper ticket. In addition, there is a need to spend time getting a ticket at the ticket office or to pay for courier services.

When buying an e-ticket, payment for the order is instant, so you do not have to worry that a profitable tariff will stop working, while you reach the ticket office. You can also make a flight booking, and for a while, until you make a decision, your seat is fixed to you. If you change your mind, the booking is simply canceled, you will not have to pay a fine in this case.

After paying fthe booked seat is finally fixed to you, you get to the email a special route receipt, in which all the information about your flight is reflected: flight number, departure point and destination, departure date and time, arrival time.

All information about your flight is reliably protected, and, in spite of the fact, that you do not have "paper", there should be no reasons for excitement. E-tickets are as reliable as paper tickets. In addition, it can not be lost, spoiled or torn, which often happens with paper forms, it is possible to recover only after payment of a fine.

E-ticket refund

Ticket refund is strongly according to the airlines rules. In the case of combinations in the ticket tariffs with different rules, the most stringent restrictions apply to the entire route. If any component of the route is not refundable, the entire ticket is not refunded by international rules.

More detailed information about fines and tariffs you can find out by sending a request for the calculation of the amount to be refunded by commenting on the booking.

Route receipt

You will be able to print out a blank receipt form after paying for your ticket. If you filled in your e-mail address, then the receipt will be sent to your email. If you did not fill in your e-mail address, you can log in your personal account and print the receipt from there. Printing can be done after paying for the tickets at any time.

Route receipt is not an e-ticket, it is just a confirmation of purchase. The receipt shows all your passport details, airfare, route, date and time of departures and arrivals. But most importantly -the route receipt contains the number of your ticket, assigned by the air carrier.

If you are traveling abroad, it is better to print out the route receipt, it can be needed as confirmation, that you do have return tickets,when passing passport control. In addition, you can use it as a cheat sheet in the case you forget the departure time or your flight number.

The printed route receipt is needed for those who flight on a business trip. In this case, it will be a full accounting document for the accounting department. The receipt shows all the information that confirms the fact of booking and payment of the ticket, as well as the cost of air travel. Print the receipt at any time, even after the flight. This can be done on a regular sheet of office paper format A4, special forms are not required for this.

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