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Tourist tax in different countries

In many countries the trend is to introduce a tourist tax. This type of tax is imposed on all tourists who come to a particular state and stop in various places intended for living. Tourists pay the tax on the place, it can not be paid in advance, regardless of the booking system or spot of purchase. The funds are directed to the city budget, and then used to provide travelers with more comfortable living conditions.

Due to the fact that the collection of tourist tax is handled by the city municipality (not a hotel as many mistakenly think), tax rate and its validity period are established by the municipality of each state individually and can be changed by the decision of the administration.

In order not to overshadow your trip with unforeseen expenses, you should learn in advance on the hotel's website or at the embassy about possible tourist taxes levied in that country, which you have chosen for your stay.

Always try to carry with you an inviolable stock (e.g.100 EUR), then you can easily pay an unknown to you earlier tax on a stay in a foreign country.

Countries and their taxes.

  • Austria: From November 1, 2008 in Austria, tourist tax is levied on each tourist. It is about 1.5 EUR per day. It is taken from each adult in the hotel when calculating for accommodation. Children under 14 years old are not taxed. In Vienna the tax is 3.2 percent of the cost of the room (breakfast, VAT and other services do not included in the base for calculation)
  • Balearic Islands: In the early 2000’s the "solar" fee was introduced in the Balearic Islands. The tax on the sun was imposed on all visitors to the archipelago. Travelers arriving to the popular resorts of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and other islands must pay 1 EUR per day on the territory of the islands. Collected funds due to the sun tax authorities direct to improve the tourism infrastructure, e.g. cleaning beaches and coastal areas from debris, as well as the restoration of the environment.
  • Belgium: The tax fee for tourists depends on the class of the hotel and is 2.15-8.75 EUR per person per day.
  • United Kingdom: н At the moment tourists do not pay a resort tax, but the authorities of London are seriously thinking about this innovation.
  • Hungary: In Budapest the following amount of tax is set: 4% of the room rate per night per person. Persons under 18 years old are exempt from payment.
  • Vietnam:Those wishing to have a rest in Vietnam on the coast of the South China Sea from January 1, 2104 have to pay one dollar per day of stay too.
  • Germany: in Berlin the following procedure for payment of tourist tax is introduced: the fee is 5% of the cost of a night. Accordingly, the higher the hotel fee, the higher the tax will have to pay. By the way, the funds are raised even from schoolchildren who visit the city for sightseeing purposes, as well as with the owners of dogs (exception - guide dogs accompanying blind people).
  • Dominican Republic: To visit the Dominican Republic a visa is not required, but travelers who arrive at the airport of Puerto Plata, need to fill in the tourist's card and pay a tax at the airport at a rate of ten dollars at the entrance to the country and ten dollars on departure. Children under 2 years old do not pay the tax and transit passengers.

This list shows the most popular destinations for travel. Local taxes are also levied in several other countries. It is recommended to look before the trip information on the Internet

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