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How muchBaggage can you take?

The rate of free baggage depends on the airline, the direction of the flight and the class of service.

    Norms for adults and children over two years old for most airlines

  • first class - 40 kg.
  • business class - 30 kg.
  • economy class - 20 kg.

The norm of free baggage includes the total weight of luggage and hand luggage.

    For the sum of three measurements, the size of the piece of baggage should not exceed:

  • first and business class - 203 сm.
  • economy class - 158 сm.

For children under 2 years old the free baggage is 10 kg.
There are airlines that do not provide for free baggage allowance.
This information should be specified on the airline's website, or by calling our call center. If baggage is not included in the ticket price, it must be paid separately at check-in. Tariffs are available on the airline website.

Will the airline transfer my baggage?

If the flight is carried out by one airline and the whole transportation is issued by one ticket, then, as a rule, the airline will transfer your baggage. The exception may be cases where you further make a local flight - you may need to obtain luggage for customs procedures. We recommend that you check this information when checking in for a flight.

How much baggage can I take to the salon?

In the cabin as a hand luggage you can take things, the size of which for sum of of three measurements does not exceed 115 cm, and weight 5-10 kg. (weight depends on the airline). In addition, you can take a handbag or a briefcase, a laptop, a camera, a video camera, a cradle for a baby, and a shopping bag from the Duty Free store.

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